There's only a few places in the city that I never get tired of visiting, Ripple is one of those places. A great wine selection, mostly organic/sustainable and an amazing, eclectic menu always grab my attention. I know I can post up at the bar and not be disappointed. Glancing at the wine list and seeing new choices keeps me coming back. Mo does a fantastic job as the sommelier and keeps the selection fresh, new and of course, delicious.

When they announced a few weeks ago that they were launching a Grilled Cheese Bar during happy hour....I added a Ripple visit to my calendar right away. Half price wines by the glass AND the option to make your own grilled cheese using their selection of fine cheeses, what is not to love?!

Only running this special from 5-6:30 and again from 10:30-midnight, we got there right at opening. With the rainy weather outside, I felt like sipping red wine. Mo recommended a lighter-bodied red from France, marcel lapierre “raisins gaulois", which is made from the gamay grape. It was a perfect sipper while we chatted and contemplated what grilled cheese goodness we wanted to order.
The Grilled Cheese Bar has unlimited options! They have a few selections already combined which makes ordering and deciding a little bit easier. I went with the classic blt sandwich, melty cheese and bacon?! pshyeah! The thought of trying to make my own was a bit overwhelming and I know I would change my  mind a hundred times. I'm indecisive like that. They do make it easy for those who are unsure by providing a detailed tasting sheet of the cheese selection.

The smell of the melting cheese on the griddle is mouthwatering, your tastebuds just anxiously awaiting. To curb my appetite, I ordered more wine, of course.

Then it arrives! Warm, right off the griddle, and placed in front of me ready to be consumed. The crunchy bread is the perfect accompaniment to the ooey gooey goodness inside.

Needless to say, this is worth a trip! I hope the Grilled Cheese Bar is here to stay and I plan to visit again soon, real soon.

Christina, Zander, Mo, Myself
Ali, Zander, Mo, Myself

Shoutout to Mo! Great service and great wines which make my experiences so enjoyable.


*Cheese hat photos courtesy of Ali Lieberman

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