Weekend with Family

So this past weekend, Bryan and I hosted his parents, brother and his wife. Along with the vistors, his sister lives here in Arlington as well. The 8 of us were out and about in Arlington/DC all weekend! Tried out a few new places, some good, some bad. Here it goes!

Thursday night dinner was at Pines of Florence in Ballston. It was his father's birthday so we wanted to celebrate. Overall, great food, poor service! I'll definitely go back but maybe I'll order out next time.

Friday, I tried Bruegger's Bagels, also in Ballston, on my way to the metro. I love the diverse menu from breakfast to lunch to salads.  I also had a bad service experience here. The server completely forgot my order and I had to wait an extra 10 minutes while the rest of my party ate.

After grabbing some grub, his mom, brother and his wife went into DC and toured around the American History museum as well as the Natural History museum. I was surprised to see 2 long lines to get into the Natural History museum.  After spending a few hours in DC, we came back to meet up with everyone else at our small apartment for burgers and dogs. We headed to a Nat's game after dinner. Taking the metro again, it took a while to get there. Finally getting into our seats by the 3rd inning, the Nat's played so well! We stayed after the game for the fireworks show which was a nice surprise. I didn't know they had a fireworks show. Upon arriving back in Arlington, we decided to show his brother around Clarendon. We had planned on going to Spider Kelly's for some shuffle board but there was a "Clarendon Ballroom" kinda line at the door! Maybe there was an event going on I didn't know about. We settled on Mister Days but only went for a drink. We walked over to Eleventh which was a lot less crowded. It was also a more clubby feel with the DJ and couches in the basement.

Saturday morning we all met up at Whitlow's on Wilson for their weekly brunch! One of my favorite spots for weekend brunch, at $16.95 for an all u can eat buffet, it can't be beat. Since it was kinda rainy, we just hung out and visited with one another the remainder of the day.  We decided on Capitol City Brewing in DC for dinner. Bad choice!! Food was subpar and service was horrible. After dinner, we went to Oya which is probably one of my new favorite spots. It's super swanky and all white decor is amazing. Can't wait to go back and try some cocktails and items on the menu. From there, on to Iron Horse we went! What a fun place! Skee ball, shuffle board, motorcycles. Definitely different from Oya but it was fun to let loose.

Wow, what a weekend! We were relieved when everyone left although it is always great to see family. Try some of the new places I tried this weekend!!

Cheers :)