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Hosting a party for friends and family doesn't mean you have to slave in the kitchen all day,or days for that matter. Nor should it be stressful by making elaborate dishes. Party food should essentially be make-ahead, easy to assemble and crowd pleasing. And you want to enjoy the gathering as well, not be stuck in the kitchen prepping and serving. 

Here are some easy recipes and wine pairings to help make your next party stress-free.

{Recipes & Wine Pairings}

Dinner Party - elegant but simple

Cocktail Party - quick, easy and make-ahead foods
Outdoor Dining - taking it outside

Holidays - host with ease

Family Friendly 
{Table Settings}

So you've got the food and wine taken care of but how do you present it? Surprisingly, you can set up a table using a lot of things you already have in your house/kitchen. It's also easy to re-purpose some items for different times of year just by using it with something festive or new. 

Check out these table setting suggestions and tips to help pull off your next party!

Cocktail Party
Outdoor Dining


{Tips and Tricks}

1. COSTCO Membership - When hosting events, you never want to run out of anything (food, drinks, toilet paper!). My Costco membership ensures we always have a stock of household needs including paper products, cleaners, garbage bags and more. It's also a great way to get more for the money. Hosting a party can be quite expensive and shopping at Costco for some of your food items will help stay on budget and ensure you have enough for the event.

2. Set out all of your dishes, ramekins and platters beforehand so it will be easy to set the table once the food is complete. I also use sticky notes to label what food goes on what platter. It helps to organize everything before so you're not fumbling around, looking for matching platters at the last minute.

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