Saude Creek Vineyards' Grand Opening 7.16.11

Virginia wine is finally gaining a following and it seems like every year more and more vineyards are popping up! I can't complain since most of these are easily accessible to me in the DC area region. It makes for a great day trip with family and friends, one of my favorite day trips to be exact. How can you beat a picnic, great views and a relaxing afternoon while sipping wine?!

The newest vineyard to open up in Virginia is Saude Creek located in New Kent County. Having grown up right next door in West Point, this was particularly intriguing to me! Also, it doesn't hurt that my family knows the owners. There are quite a few vineyards popping up within a 30 mile radius of my hometown which is shocking. I never thought of it as a great grape growing region but they are proving me wrong. Some others in the area include New Kent Winery, the historical Williamsburg Winery, and White Fences Vineyard.

Anyway, back to Saude Creek. They have been growing vines for a few years now and have planted some orchard trees as well. To their advantage, they have participated in wine festivals all over Virginia to gain exposure and momentum for their grand opening which was held over the weekend. The winery is brand spanking new with a great wrap around porch and rooftop deck from which you can see the Pamunkey River.

View of Orchards and Pamunkey River

 The grand opening attracted hundreds of people which was very surprising!! The inside bar was full of people all afternoon, lining up to taste their selection. Having seen them at many festivals before, I had already tasted their vintages and knew what I liked. Some of their popular wines include Saude Creek White, Tavern White (which they sold out of), Saude Creek Blush, Cabernet Franc and my personal favorite, the Meritage.

Most of the whites tend to be a little sweeter and fruity. The Saude Creek White has hints of crisp apple and was perfect for a summer afternoon like Saturday. The sold-out Tavern White is a blend of Muscat and Chardonelle grapes which make it more sweet than the SC White. I can easily see why this was the most popular of the day, it's an easy-sipper and very refreshing. My choice of bottle for the day was the Meritage. Not your typical summertime wine but like the others, it was very easily sippable on it's own. 

They also had live music, parachuters, and vendors all to celebrate this great occasion. It was also very comforting to see so many locals come out to support their neighbors and friends. I hope many of the locals keep coming back for more! I'm looking forward to seeing great things from this vineyard and will be back.


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