I Know it's 100+ Degrees out, but...

It's never too hot for a great glass of red wine in the AC!

I've been drinking so many white wines since the warm weather broke. I'm usually a red wine person and crave the deep, dark, oaky flavors of Old World reds. It's now mid-July in DC with temperatures in the high 90s into 100s. Needless to say, my stock pile of wines have dwindled down to only reds this month!

It's a hot, humid evening right now but hey, it's Thursday, always a great reason to open a bottle of wine! I decided to open a Meritage I bought a few weeks ago while visiting Western NY. This Salmon Run Meritage is from Dr. Frank's Wine Cellar in the Finger Lakes region in New York state. If you read my regular blog posts, you probably know that I lean towards Bordeaux-style blends of Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab Sauv. This is right up my alley. Complexity, oaky, soft finish and easily drinkable on it's own. It's very similar to the Meritage from Saude Creek Vineyards that I wrote about earlier this week.

My thought for the day: It's never too hot for a glass of red wine (in the AC)!


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