Never Cook with a Wine You Wouldn't Drink!

One of the best wine rules to abide by.

Recipes often call for red or white wine. Sadly, some people have an opened bottle in their fridge for times like this. "This is my cooking wine" "I only use this for recipes"

Why is only the wine ingredient compromised like this?! You don't use spoiled milk!

I, for one, only purchase and store wine that I intend to drink but working in wine retail for years, I've definitely come across the request for cooking wine. Even for a small price point, you can find a well-made wine that will be great in the recipe as well as serve with the meal.

Put good ingredients in and you'll get a great finished product. True for many facets of life.

I came across a marinade for flank steak that called for a cup of red wine...To the wine fridge!

(you mean I have to open a bottle?! please, don't twist my arm!)

Flank steak, a tougher cut of meat that can stand up to quite the flavor, pairs perfectly with a bigger, bolder, tannic wine. I chose the 2010 Flying Fox Petite Verdot from Virginia. Flying Fox Vineyard is located in the Monticello AVA and produces both red and white wines from low yielding vines. I first tasted their wines earlier this year at the VA Wine Expo in Richmond. The deep, dark flavors of the 2010 Petite Verdot is a perfect pairing for the flank steak entree. One of their newest wines, the Petite Verdot sells on their website for $21 and I do recommend!


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