5 {Wine} Truths

Cyndi asked so I will tell. Here's 5 {wine} truths about me:

1. I always get asked my favorite wine. And that's a tough one...one single wine? I have favorite producers and favorite regions but if I had to pick one wine to drink for the rest of my life it would be J Vineyards Pinot Gris. A white that is so versatile and easy to drink. It pairs easily with food and just quenches my thirst. Plus the price point is great!

2. My favorite winery experience has to be Santo Wines in Greece. One of the biggest Greek producers in Santorini, the view cannot be paralleled. The wine was so-so but sitting on a cliffside, overlooking the Caldera...best experience to date. A winery experience doesn't have to be just about the wine!

3. I admit that I buy "special" bottles and save them for an occasion. It's against everything I ever tell people but I still am not able to open those bottles and so they sit....

4. I'm a sucker for Sauternes. Not a big sweet wine drinker but there's something about the elegance and sweetness of a Sauternes. You won't find me drinking a lot of this or a lot at one time but man does it pair well with some of my favorite bites/dishes. It's perfect pairing is anything salty, my preferred snacking choice.

5. I once ran a half marathon just because it was through wine country and had wine stops along the way. I almost died that day but hey, I crossed the finish line and got my drink on! (you will never see me run again)

Now it's your turn Christina, Hillary and Tanisha.

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