Lemberger, you say?

Fall seems to have come and went already but that didn't stop me from enjoying a great Fall wine last night.

An unusual one, too.

I'm a fan of the Finger Lakes region in NY, and not only because my in-laws are there, but because they produce well-balanced, flavorful wines. One of my favorite wineries is Dr. Konstantin Frank, otherwise known as Dr Franks. I absolutely love the Riesling but in my wine fridge, I had the Lemberger.

Hmm, never heard of the Lemberger grape. According to the back of the bottle, it's "a cool climate red grape from Central Europe particularly well suited to the Finger Lakes region of New York." Well sadly, that's not enough info for me. So, I began to dig.

Lemberger is another name for the more-known Blaufränkisch grape. Still may be a little foreign to some but this grape is grown mostly in Austria. Stylistically, this grape has spicy notes and solid tannins and dark red fruit flavors. Perfect for the dinner I was preparing, pasta! Also pairs nicely with gamey meats and some seafood. It has a jammy texture and plenty of fruit.

The spicy notes from the pasta sauce as well as the wine were harmonious. The Lemberger was not too heavy or bold to overpower the dish but balanced quite nicely. It's also easily drinkable on it's own, which I did after dinner was over ;)

This wine is ideal for the fall season. Bright, fruity, smooth, pairs well with traditional hearty, fall meals. And according to Dr Franks:

If at all possible, I highly recommend getting your hands on some of this wine (I am!) or the Dry Riesling, another one of my favs. In case you missed it, I've blogged a few times about this winery: Salmon Run Meritage and included the Dry Riesling in my Summer=Grilling=Wine post.

With over 10,000 different wine grapes grown all over the world, it's fascinating (and easy!) to find a new one to try!

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