What Makes It a Favorite?

I recently added a list of my favorite wine places around DC to the sidebar of the blog. Btw, check it out!

Ripple of course :)
But it got me thinking...what makes THESE places a favorite?

First and foremost, the people. I truly enjoy going back to places where the employees make me feel special, appreciated, always have great suggestions and just general conversation. An establishment can only be as good as the people they employ. A lot of the places I listed have such people. I want to visit and catch up, not just have a glass or buy a bottle because it's a convenient location. I've met some really great friends this way as well.

Secondly, it's wine selection because that is what I'm there for! An ever-changing menu is key, to me anyway. I want to visit on occasion and have plenty of new things to pick from. Wine is about exploration and the more you taste, the more you learn therefore the more you know! Also having a variety in the selection is key. If you're stuck with the same old collection all the time, why do I need to go back? Except of course if there's a favorite bottle I must have! But I digress, fresh, new, and interesting wine selection will keep anyone coming back.

Lastly, it's the atmosphere. I enjoy frequenting places that have a good vibe and attract Winos like myself. Not too stuffy but not too novice either. I can carry on conversation with the person sitting next to me at the bar or talk shop with the retail salesperson. Again, going back to the point of feeling appreciated.

So what makes establishments your favorite? Have any favorite places you'd like to add to my list? Chime in!


Fellow Winos with Mo, the Somm at Ripple

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  1. I LOVE Screwtop and Grateful Red as well! Makes me think you'd like Cheesetique, too! :)