A Visit to Santo Wines in Santorini

While honeymooning in Greece, we consumed quite a bit of Greek wine! Thankfully, when we got to Santorini we were able to squeeze in some visits to local wineries.

Tourists in Santorini have a few options when it comes to transportation around the island. There's the standard cab or bus or moped rentals. We chose the non conventional route of 4 wheelers! Going back to my southern, country roots, we took the 4-wheeler around the southern part of the island, stopping at Santo Wines, Boutari and also the black sand beach.

Santo Wines is a very popular, local winery in Santorini. We even tasted the wine on a boat tour the day before! The view from the tasting room is unparalleled. I must say, Napa, this may have you beat ;)

The vast seaside overlook was filled with chairs, welcoming wine lovers to enjoy a glass with a view.

The tasting was 1 euro per taste, not bad, and you were able to select which wines. The tasting was very impersonal. We were told which wines we could select from, a brief description of each and then we sat ourselves. No tasting notes were provided, just a handwritten list of which wines we were tasting. However, the view of the sea made up for the impersonal staff.

As for the wines I tasted, I chose the Athiri, Aidani, Assyrtiko and Nykteri. All 4 are white wines. The Nykteri is a blend of the 3 previous grapes and also my favorite. It is the most complex of the 4 and also easily drankable on its own, perfect for a sunny afternoon in Santorini. The Athiri and Aidani were a bit acidic and monotone. The assyrtiko was a little more lively and balanced. Blending all 3 produces a great blend.

All in all, it was a great visit. Wine was decent, views were fantastic, I just wish the tasting was more personal so we could gain more from the experience.

Even the hubby enjoyed sipping wine in paradise!


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