Favorite Bars to Grab a Cocktail

So my love of wine has spanned across my career, blog, a hobby and just plain drinkin' it. But sometimes I do love a good cocktail. In honor of National Rum Day today I figured I'd make a list of favorite places to get said cocktail.

Photo: eatmoredrinkmore.com
1) Founding Farmers - Always the first to come to mind when cocktails and good food are mentioned. Founding Farmers is located in the Golden Triangle district of DC and oh so conveniently located to my office ;) All cocktails are made by hand with the best quality ingredients around. You may have to wait a hot second to get your drink but be patient, these are not massly produced! They focus on being green and organic with fresh fruits and veggies and off the wall liquor labels. Check out their ever changing cocktail list, might I suggest the Organic Cucumber Delight?

2) The Passenger - With a speakeasy feel, The Passenger focuses on the new up and coming cocktails, ones that you can't find just anywhere. Small, eclectic, and dark, this cocktail bar feels like a step back in time. Be careful though, their drinks are strong! On my last visit, I ordered a martini with bourbon and man did that put some hair on my chest! The food is also a good accompaniment to their off-the-wall cocktails. We ordered the pork cheek chili nachos, To. Die. For. I suggest making a stop in here for an eclectic menu of food and drinks!

3) Co Co Sala - If sweet is what you're looking for, then look no further than Co Co Sala. Located near Chinatown, this sweet spot makes some mean cocktails! Not all of the drinks are sweet, the Allure cocktail is made with sparkling and obviously one of my favorites. Of course, they have chocolate infused cocktails to pair with their sweet theme. Co Co Sala has a cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere and serves up amazing, rich chocolate dishes. This makes for the perfect girls night out location as well!
Photo: hungrytravels.com

These are just a few of my favorites as I continue on the quest for great cocktails. Send me your suggestions to try!