Best Skinny Margarita Ever!

Ok, so it's not wine related but it's alcohol related!!

While making amazing, healthy for you mahi tacos at my girlfriend's house the other night, we just had to have the perfect margarita to pair. We're both on a health kick with exercising, eating well and just feeling all around healthier in 2012. There are a ton of skinny margarita recipes out there but most are very similar. We started with the basics and she happened to have blood oranges on hand. Great choice!

I came up with this concoction:

2 parts tequila (we like boozy drinks)
1 part Triple Sec
Juice of half a lime
Juice of half a blood orange
Top with homemade club soda
(Makes 1 drink)

By juicing your own citrus and not using that pre-made mix, you're saving a lot of calories! At first taste, we both were immediately impressed! "This tastes just like summer!" "It goes down sooo smooth!" Not super tangy or sour, the lime and blood orange were a perfect fit. Not to mention how perfect they were with the amazing mahi tacos!

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