Charleston, SC: Such a Foodie Town!

I usually write about wine adventures but I digress this time. This past weekend in Charleston, SC I had some of the best food! I had no idea the small, historical town had such a great selection of restaurants and dishes. All the restaurants we visited featured southern, low-country style dishes with portions a plenty!

Sadly, very little wine was consumed on this trip. We drank mostly cocktails but I did happen to run into Market Street Winery which features SC wine! Never had it and can't say that I ever will have it again :( The whites were super ripe and the reds were pretty bitter.

Anyway, on to the amazing food. Our first stop was Cru Cafe which is a small, family owned cafe in an old home. Everyone's meals were great including my General Tso's Chicken wrap! I ordered a bottle of Oregon Pinot Gris which paired nicely with everyone's dishes.

Fried Green Tomatoes were on every menu
A must-go brunch is absolutely 82 Queen! Again, in an older home, this place has an antiquey wooden bar with a courtyard and scattered tables. Highlight: Buttermilk biscuits! The BEST I've ever had. They are melt in your mouth buttery and are served warm. Make sure to request the bacon syrup for dipping ;)

What's brunch without grits?! We ordered the BBQ shrimp and grits as an appetizer before our main entrees. Buttery, flavorful grits adourned with spicy BBQ shrimp and bacon.

For my entree, of course I ordered the benedict with crab cakes and a fried green tomato. I must say though, I've had better crab cakes but the dish as a whole...amazing!

Even after devouring a huge brunch, we still had room for a great dinner that evening at Magnolia's. This is more of a fine-dining establishment with elegant southern dishes. Most people seemed to be celebrating special occasions. The big plus about this place: the menu! The menu is extensive and has many items to choose from which only drags out my decision process.

For apps, we ordered the fried oysters and the fried chicken livers. Both of which were good and savory. I ordered the surf and turf with crab cake and filet. The beef was melt in your mouth good!

And Nancy got cake!
One last stop on our weekend adventure led us to Toast for bottomless mimosas! $10 all you can drink (while eating) is a great deal. Pair that with some great brunch items and we spent a good 2 hours there! We got more shrimp and grits and a fried green tomato BLT along with more great biscuits and gravy.

All in all, we went for the drinks and food and came home happy! If you enjoy southern charm, good food and down to earth people, this town is a must-see. (May I also recommend staying at Charleston Place? Great location and superb amenities.)


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