Chateau des Leotins Bordeaux 2007

While working as the Store Manager of a wine shop, I come across some great deals.  We have tastings on Fridays which allows me to open up a few bottles which I may not have had a chance to try yet. This past Friday, we opened Chateau des Leotins Bordeaux 2007.

Retailing at only $12.99, customers were surprised to see such a great bargain for this fabulous table wine. It has a deep ruby color and slightly fruity with no overpowering notes. There are hints of tobacco and leather but not unpleasant.  It is 3 years old already but it's maturing well. I continued to pour this wine on Saturday for customers and was suprised how well it held up even after being open for 24 hours.

A staple in our store, this Bordeaux has a great following. Stop by to pick up a bottle!

Cheers :)

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