Renting is SUCH a Bargain!!

My newest addiction: Rent the Runway! It's a website based out of NYC, where you can rent designer dresses and accessories for a week/weekend and when you're done with the event, just mail it back. Now how easy can that be?! I'm always tempted to buy fun, flirty, flashy dresses but never do because "when am I going to wear this again?!" Problem solved :)

So I heard about this on the radio and immediately signed up. You have to be on a wait list for a day or so but by the next day, I was all ready to go! There is NO membership fees to join. My 25th birthday was a few weeks ago and I had planned for a bunch of friends to go out in DC and wanted a super fun dress to party in. Went to Rent the Runway and rented my flashy, blue sequin dress for only $50! Another get to pick 2 sizes in case one doesn't fit right! All for the same price. It was at my apartment Friday afternoon. I wore it Saturday night. Dropped it in the mailbox on Monday morning in a postage paid envelope and was done with it! No dry cleaning or worries. I also purchased the $5 insurance coverage in case something horrible happened but believe me, I was extra careful :)

My dress was such a hit!! I had compliments not only from my friends but from complete strangers on the street. I felt gorgeous that night and all it cost me was a little over $50. Can't beat it.

I've already rented another dress for an August wedding. I'm sure there will be many more "events" that I'll need a fun dress for :)

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