Tulip Picking and Wine Tasting

Well, I bought another Groupon special which was $5 to pick your own dozen tulips out in Madison County, VA. It was a little over an hour to get to, in the middle of nowhere! It was an old country farmhouse which belonged to two guys from Holland who grow organic tulips. A girlfriend and I took a road trip last Saturday. We each got to pick 2 dozen. Each color tulip had it's own row. You grabbed a bucket and just started picking! It was beautiful out and the perfect day for tulip picking.

There were areas for you to bring a blanket and picnic, which we would have done, had we known that! So take note.  Pick your own tulips is only for the month of April and normally costs $1 per bulb. They do have discounts if you place an order online for the fall. This place is definitely worth checking out for a fun, cheap day trip.

On the trip back to DC, we stopped by two wineries. Prince Michel is a famous one in the Northern Virginia region. It's right on Route 29 and you can't miss it. We got to taste all their wines, purchase bottles and take a tour.  They even have frozen sangria and peach bellinis out of a ICEE machine! Can't beat that on a sunny, warm day.  The staff was very helpful and fun to talk to. The gift shop was full of wine accessories, snacks, glasses, everything you could think of!

After leaving there, we headed back on Route 29 and made a stop at Marterella Winery in Warrenton. This is a smaller winery, which Prince Michel does all their bottling.  They only had white wines to taste which was a bummer because I'm a red fan. But I guess it's a good sign that they were sold out. We ordered a pizza and sat outside on the patio and enjoyed a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  This winery is off the beaten path so the location was serene and quiet. It was a perfect setting.

We did all of this in 6-7 hours! It's a gorgeous drive down 29 with lots of scenery. Stopping along the way at wineries was most of the fun. It broke the drive up and who doesn't love wine tasting? If you're looking for something fun, different and cheap to do on a Saturday/Sunday I'd definitely recommend riding out to these wineries. Tastings range from $5-10 a person and bottles are anywhere from $15-30 each. Take a road trip and take in the scenery.

Cheers :)

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